How to improve energy efficiency in the Alpine Space?

Sep 9, 2022

This question guided our workshop during the AlpWeek 2022 from 5 to 7 September in Brig-Glis, Switzerland. The AlpWeek is an international conference co-organised by leading Alpine organisations committed to mountain protection and sustainable development. Under the motto Alps in transition – Rethinking Alpine lifestyles for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable transition around 100 participants exchanged their ideas about future life in the Alpine region.

The Interreg Alpine Space programme organised a workshop on energy efficiency where the three projects BB-CLEAN, e-SMART and ALPGRIDS from the period 2014-2020 presented their results. The discussion on how to improve energy efficiency in the Alpine Space produced the following outcomes:

  • Raise awareness about energy scarcity
  • Capacity-building
  • Work with local communities
  • Financial support
  • Enabling legal framework
  • Cross-sectoral approaches in public administration
  • Involvement of/call for action to policy makers
  • New/innovative sources of energy

The Interreg Alpine Space programme will continue to co-finance projects working on energy efficiency in the period 2021-2027. One example is our new small-scale project CERVINO, which facilitates the exchange and visualisation of energy data within the Alpine territory. Our next calls for project proposals open on 16 December 2022 for small-scale projects and in May 2023 for classic projects. Have a look at how to apply for funding here.