Wed 15 February 2017
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
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Action Group Forum - Action Groups meet (Interreg Alpine Space) projects


First part of the session

AGL and selected Interreg Alpine Space projects will give a max. 15 min. presentation of their work plans while reflecting the following questions.
Key questions for presentation of AG:
(1) What are the three main goals for the next years?
(2) Which concrete transnational actions do we plan for the next 2-3 years? How are they financed, who are the partners we are looking for?
(3) Where would complementary or supporting measures be helpful?
Key questions for presentation of projects:
(1) What are the three main goals of the project?
(2) Which concrete measures are parts of the technical project implementation?
E.g. will the project carry out studies or events (e.g. workshops) with interesting content for the AG?
(3) Which project activities require support by the policy level?

Second part of the session

Mutual exchange on concrete synergies and added-values through cooperation along pre-defined key questions.
Content matching
(1) What common goals can be identified?
(2) What contributions of the projects can be useful for the goals of the Action Group?
(3) Is it possible for projects to consult the AGL on strategic issues when tendering studies, and to consider AG member for input when designing events?
(4) What strategic approaches of the AG can be used for achieving the goals of the project?
(5) How will the uptake of the project results be organized by the Action Group to the policy level(s)?
Streamlining of organizational issues
Can timetables be matched?
How can the AG / projects be involved in the future information flow?