Tue 26 March 2019
Milan, Italy
  • IT

March 26 2019 e-MOTICON final public event in Milan


e-MOTICON project, e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space, developed within Interreg Alpine Space Programme, has reached its final stage.

Started in 2016 with 15 partners from 5 European countries, the project has identified tools and solutions for public administrations willing to enhance a widespread distribution of a homogeneous and interoperable electric charging infrastructure, sharing good practices and best policies at European level.

Project’s outputs will be shown to a tailored audience on March 26th, 2019, in Milan.

An extraordinary event, consisting of a conference and an exhibition, during which the results of the e-MOTICON project will be presented, and the demand and supply of e-mobility oriented policies will meet.




European public administrations, regulatory authorities, policy makers, regions, municipalities, local public transport companies, e-mobility and sharing services providers, e-vehicles and e-charging stations producers, Energy and ICT services providers, associations and NGO dealing with sustainable mobility, will attend the event and expose their products, services and technological solutions, creating a big opportunity for networking and business.

These subjects, coming from the world of e-mobility but from the different sectors of energy, technology and mobility services, will have the opportunity to compare themselves with the other participants, and to intersect the policies’ demand with the offer of policies in the field of e-mobility. This comparison will be developed in parallel with an analysis of the critical issues and the description of future scenarios and future trends.

During the conference the regulatory, planning, and financing systems operated and carried on from the public authorities (at a national, regional and local level) will be illustrated.

The public authorities will describe their policy offer and moreover their concrete planning (financing methods, implementation of investments in local public transport, incentives for internal fleets).


Agenda* (draft)

  • Welcome coffee;
  • Welcome & Introduction Local Authorities, e-MOTICON project, by Lead Partner;
  • EU strategy on mobility, by EU institutions;
  • e-MOTICON Strategy, Guidelines & pilot project presentations, by project partners;
    Which are the policies private operators ask for? By private operators;
  • POLICY DEMAND round table session: Best Cases, Scenarios, Networking
  • ROUND TABLE 1: ENERGY (Energy Providers, Services Providers)
  • ROUND TABLE 2: TECHNOLOGY (automotive, e-CS, ICT)
  • ROUND TABLE 3: MOBILITY (sharing, platforms, rental, LPT, freight, associations, etc.)


  • Lunch


  • POLICY OFFER round table session:
  • ROUND TABLE 4: STRATEGY: normative and regulations: (open to policy makers such as DGMOVE, Ministries, regulatory authorities, etc…)
  • ROUND TABLE 5: ACTION PLAN: planning, financing and investments: (open to public administrations such as regions, municipalities, etc…)
  • WRAP UP and e-MOTICON video showing
  • SIGNATURE OF Memorandum of Understanding


The timetable is to be detailed, opening hour 9.30 a.m.