Fri 02 October 2020
Malans , Switzerland
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AlpBioEco Walnut Excursion goes to Malans & Frümsen, Switzerland

The excursion starts with a visit to the Competence Centre in Malans, where you can learn about the processing of walnuts. The cracking line and optical sorting are in operation so far. Packaging is still being planned. This first step will be guided by the walnut producer Johannes Janggen from Malans.
Then it will be possible to inform about various aspects of the walnut within the framework of the village project "Nussdorf Frümsen" with Hans Oppliger, president of the "Nussdorf Frümsen" association. Among others : 
- Walnut from the national primary collection 
- The walnut tree as the figurehead of a village: the entrances to the village
- Walnut products, e.g. walnut liqueur Cooperation with GOBA company
- The walnut tree in architecture and art: the Staubernbahn valley station
- The future Frümsner Baumnussweg with 10 themes (approx. 4 km of hiking trail)
Departure from Ravensburg, Germany 
Registration until September 15, 2020
For more information, please read the invitation (pdf below). As the excursion is entirely for a public of German speakers, the invitation is available in German.