Thu 05 November 2020
Vienna, Austria
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Alptrees Webinar

Sustainable use and managment of non native trees in the Alpine Region.

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14:00 Welcome participants
Katharina Lapin – ALPTREES:  a transnational mission for the Alpine Space

14:10 Keynote Speaker 1  (15 min presentation + 3 questions)
Sylvain Guetaz  - EUSALP: a EU Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region

14:25 Keynote Speaker 2 (15 min presentation + 3 questions)
Giuseppe Brundu - The Global Guidelines for Non-native Trees

14:45 ALPTREES “Behind the scenes
Katharina Lapin, Petra Meisel: Presentation of ALPTREES YouTube channel, podcast and upcoming activities activities

14:50 Speed presentations: Sharing ideas for trees of the ALPTREES team

14:51 speaker video 1
Anja Bindewald – Assessing the Risk of non-native trees

15:00 speaker video 2
Aleksander Marinšek - Management of non-native trees

15:10 speaker video 3
Florian Kraxner – Predicting and mapping the future for the Alpine Space             

15:30 Lecture on Modelling the distribution of non-native tree species
(20 min presentation + 3 questions)

Dr. Debojyoti Chakraborty is a scientist at BFW in Vienna. His main interests include adapting forests under climate change, population genetics, and ecosystem modeling, focusing on temperate forests of Europe. Currently, he was responsible for developing models for transnational seed deployment for major European tree species under an EU funded project SUSTREE He is currently leading other international and national projects focusing on forests, ecosystem services and climate change such as ForestValue project ValoFor: In this Lecture he will share his Know-How on ecosystem modelling and provide a step by step guidance on `how to predict the distribution of trees under climate change`.