H2MA project dissemination

Mar 8, 2023

On the 7th of March, representative Matevž Šilc from lead partner KSSENA, participated at the Kick-off meeting of the AMETHyST project, where he presented the H2MA project. KSSENA was invited to participate in Kick-off meeting to find synergies between projects and to explore the possibilities for further cooperation.

At the AMETHyST project Kick-off meeting, that was organized in France, KSSENA joint virtually and Matevž Šilc presented the main facts, outputs and results of H2MA project and has explained the overall vision of the H2MA project. The presentation showed clear connections and synergies with AMETHyST project whose main goal is to support the deployment of Alpine green H2 ecosystems for a post-carbon future in the Alps and to increase the capacity of public authorities, design support services to deploy green H2 solutions, mainly in touristic areas as flagship project for energy transition, and to include green H2 in local and regional energy strategies and plans. After the presentation it was agreed to work on project cooperation, to share relevant project findings, deliverables, outputs, and whenever possible combine events or participate at study visits.
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