The Primorsko-notranjska statistical region lies in the southern part of Slovenia. The region has 52,538 inhabitants and is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia. It comprises an area of six municipalities. It is a predominantly rural region with the lowest population density in the country. It is part of Dinaric landscapes with many karst phenomena (caves, karst springs, disappearing lakes, sinkholes) and diverse cultural landscape. More than half of the region is part of the Natura 2000 network. It has a lot of natural heritage and many endemic species.

Caption 1: Slovenian test region

IRSNC has already carried out six meetings with different stakeholders (Pivka municipality, The Regional Development Agency Green Karst, BOREO, regional focal point of NGOs and the administration of the Landscape Park of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka) and has organized three field trips to Notranjska regional park. All stakeholders received an introduction to the AlpES project and especially the concept of ecosystem services. It was a new experience for most of them, but understandable, because they all recognised their field of work or interests in it.

Caption 2: Presentation of the test region activities at the project meeting in Venice

Most of the region is covered by a vast forest area. Twenty per cent of the region is grassland and there are a lot of water resources. Therefore, we can say that all of the selected AlpES ecosystem services are relevant and important for this region. IRSNC signed a contract agreement with an external expert to carry out a study on ecosystem services mapping and implementation. The expert will test all selected alpine ecosystem services and as well as the possibilities of implementing the concept into forest management plans. The selected expert has already tested indicators for the three following ecosystem services: fuel wood, protection of areas against avalanches and the additional service of protection of areas against landslides. The first results were presented at the 4th AlpES project meeting in Venice in November 2017. 

written by Suzana Vurunić