The project C-TEMAlp (Continuity of Traditional Enterprises in Mountain Alpine Space areas) was created in order to deal with the topic of company succession in the alpine space area so that the increasing depopulation and migration of companies can be stopped or rather slowed down. Businessmen and women in alpine space areas have to prepare themselves in good time so that suitable successors can be found to ensure their companies survival. The international business transfer is one approach for this.

The eleven project partners (chambers of commerce, development agencies, innovation centres and universities) from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Switzerland are offering together a comprehensive service with special consulting activities for business transfers. In addition they have set up a network to support companies with business transfers at a transnational level.

Highlight Business Transfer Platform

The participants of this Interreg project have developed together a business transfer platform . This Internet portal should facilitate contact and exchanges between potential buyers and sellers of companies beyond national borders. The first test results of the business transfer platform, commissioned in summer, were presented at the meeting of the project steering committee in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Marseilles.

This platform for business transfers is an innovation and should serve as a best practice example for other countries in the EU and for international business transfers, even once the project is completed. Moreover, its use should not be restricted to alpine space areas.

Main points of the meeting in Marseilles

The next steps of the project were planned during the meeting in Marseilles. In addition the participants presented the options their respective regions offer for business transfers and reviewed a joint communication and monitoring strategy for services.

Also in 2018, the various project partners will organise a series of events, conferences and informative meetings in order to bring buyers and sellers of companies together and register their profiles on the platform. So far more than 160 companies have showed interest in this project within the scope of the so-called Alpcafès (an idea based on the World Café to engage people in conversations to share their views and agree common solutions).

The lectures by the experts from each country on how business transfers at a national and international level can succeed were the highlight of the meeting in Marseille.

The next event of the C-TEMAlp project steering committee will take place in spring in Maribor in Slovenia