Guaranteed snow? Absolutely not. Prospects for Winter Tourism in the Alps.
Physical Meeting
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Guaranteed snow? Absolutely not. Prospects for Winter Tourism in the Alps.
23 Oct 2023 00:00 - 24 Oct 2023 00:00
Alliance in the Alps

BeyondSnow partners join the International Conference of the "Alliance in the Alps" network of municipalities that will take place on October 23 and 24, 2023, in Bad Hindelang, Germany.

Climate change is having a clear impact on tourism in the Alps. The snow line is rising, the number of snowy days is decreasing, and winters are becoming milder. The winter tourism season is getting shorter and shorter, with many ski resorts already forced to close. Cross-country skiing and sledding tracks can only be used for a few weeks each year. The trend towards warmer winters is on the rise.

 Many municipalities in the Alpine region depend on seasonal tourism and are now facing the challenges of climate change. In many areas, winter tourism is no longer economically sustainable. To maintain the quality of life for the population and preserve tourism-related jobs, alternatives must be developed.

What alternatives are in sight for regions affected by the lack of snow? How can the quality of life for the population be upheld, and jobs secured? What does the future tourism landscape look like? What destinations will compete in the Alpine region?

To this end, we would like to pique your interest with positive examples from the Alpine region and beyond, and work together to develop perspectives and strategies for the future of winter tourism.

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    11 Dec 2023
    2nd Webinar Observers
    Project: TranStat
    Activities overview and partecipatory activity on the driving forces for the online participants
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    19 Dec 2023
    INNOBIOVC Webinar Innovation Express Call (IEC24)
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Webinar for regions interested in the IEC 2024
    25 Jan 2024
    Project: Alps4GreenC
    The Alps4GreenC final conference will present the mail project results.