Kick-Off Meeting in Verona
Virtual Meeting & Physical Meeting
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Kick-Off Meeting in Verona
24 Jan 2023 - 25 Jan 2023
Consorzio ZAI - Interporto Quadrante Europa
ECOLE Project Kick-off: Eco-Industrial Park Network for the Alpine Regions – Leveraging Smart and Circular Economy End of January the kick-off meeting for the Interreg Alpine Space funded project “Eco-Industrial Park Network for the Alpine Regions – Leveraging smart and circular economy” was held in Verona. Led by Consorzio ZAI, the project team includes 12 partners from five Alpine countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France), representing local development agencies, public authorities, higher education institutions, SMEs, and business support organizations. => Stay tuned for more details over the coming months! Partners: Consorzio ZAI Interporto Quadrante Europe COSELAG - Trieste Economic Trieste Economic Development Agency RA Sora - Development Agency Sora Ltd RRA-LUR - Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH Technologiezentrum Energie (TZE) ITALCAM - Italian-German Chamber of Commerce Grenoble-Alps Metropole POLYMERIS Lombardy Foundation for the Environment TUM International GmbH
Programme events
21 Nov 2023
Tourism valorisation of cross-border EU projects in the Alpine Space
The event will take place in Salzburg in German to promote cross-border EU projects.
    Project events
    03 - 04 Oct 2023
    Partner meeting AMETHyST
    Project: AMETHyST
    AURA-EE and Energy Agency South Tyrol – CasaClima are happy to host you in Innsbruck in October 2023
    AMETHyST partner meeting 2
    04 Oct 2023
    “Save the date” The first site visit and exchange opportunity in Innsbruck
    Project: AMETHyST
    AMETHyST PPs are organising a series of best practice visits to local hydrogen initiatives.
    AMETHyST Exchange Programme photo _Innsbruck.pdf
    05 - 06 Oct 2023
    Digital Alps Conference
    Project: SmartCommUnity
    The Digital Alps Conference is a major event of the Macro regional strategy for the Alpine area EU