Second Transnational Partner Meeting in Weiz
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Second Transnational Partner Meeting in Weiz
05 Dec 2023 - 06 Dec 2023
Innovationzentrum W.E.I.Z.

On December 4th and 5th, our ECOLE project partners convened in the snowy town of Weiz for our second project meeting. Hosted by our partners at Innovationszentrum Weiz, the two days were packed with insightful meetings, engaging workshops, and on-site visits.🏭♻

One highlight was the visit to the Weiz wastewater treatment plant, where the cities of Weiz, Naas, and Mortantsch come together to implement a cutting-edge 3-step process for wastewater treatment. The innovative approach not only ensures clean water returned to the river but also harnesses biogas from sewage sludge, contributing to sustainable energy practices.

Additionally, we explored how the treated water is utilized to heat neighbouring businesses, exemplified by Energie Steiermark. The consistency in water temperature throughout the year, ranging from 10° to 20°, proves invaluable for efficient energy utilization, thanks to innovative heat pumps.

As part of our best practices showcase, our partners visited the Preding-Süd industrial zone, focusing on the impressive initiatives of CRAISS Logistik. Their commitment to carbon neutrality by 2028 is evident in their new Logistics Center, emphasizing resource conservation, eco-friendly operations, and energy-efficient infrastructure. Furthermore, attention is also paid to environmental friendliness in day-to-day operations; for example, used cardboard packaging from incomings is reused and dispatched with biodegradable tape. Organic waste is composted on site, and the workers use the obtained soil to plant their own vegetables.

This meeting was not only a success but also a great opportunity to gain deeper insights into our partners' industrial zones. 🌱💡

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