Signing the memorandum of understanding between the Leiblachtal region, represented by the mayors, government representatives and experts forming together the CESBA local committee CLC, and the CESBA Alps project, represented by Regional Development Vorarlberg.

„Yes, we want to take action to become a more sustainable territory!” – this is what the representatives of the Austrian pilot region “Leiblachtal” stated when signing the memorandum of understanding with CESBA Alps on 22nd February 2017.

The Austrian region of Vorarlberg is a forerunner in many fields. In 2009 it started an ambitious process to become energy-autonomous by 2050. The five municipalities of the northernmost area in Vorarlberg, the Leiblachtal, are carrying out joint efforts as an “energy region” since some years. They already participated as a pilot region in previous EU projects such as which focused on renewable energy and nature and CABEE which dealt with building evaluation. With CESBA Alps, the Leiblachtal now wants to go a step further by testing a holistic approach for energy planning. The CESBA Alps activities in the Leiblachtal are guided by the Regional Development Vorarlberg as project partner.

With the objective of fostering sustainability and CO2 reduction in economy and construction, a system will be developed and tested which allows evaluating and periodically monitoring sustainability in the region. Indicators such as the degree of accessibility by public transport and the energy need of residential buildings will provide data which are processed by the system and which will also allow for an international benchmarking with the other project pilot regions. In addition, incentives will be created for saving energy and for enhancing energy production from renewable sources. All activities in the Leiblachtal will be closely coordinated with the Land Vorarlberg and with existing initiatives such as the European Energy Award (e5 program in Austria) with the objective of transferring successful activities to further regions in Vorarlberg and beyond.