Eckert Schools organized German engaging event on 13th July 2017 within the framework of a discussion forum with representatives of the Austrian Caritas. The discussion was led by Knut Wuhler (regional manager of Eckert Schools and project head of the first successful Social Impact Bond in continental Europe), Florian Priesmeier (project assistant and in charge for AlpSib) as well as Stefanie Kolba (project head of Ausbildungsmanagement Augsburg, a project carried out by Eckert Schools addressing NEETs issues).

Knut Wuhler elucidated how the Social Impact Bond in Augsburg came into being and highlighted the importance of networking with political authorities as this way of financing a social project in most cases is a political decision. He also gave an idea of possibilities to shape a Social Impact Bond. Furthermore, there was an exchange of experience regarding the implementation of a Social Impact Bond financed project and the financial options to initiate such a project. In this context especially potential investors were indicated. Another topic was the search of innovations concerning the “big issues” in the field of NEETs and how to get these issues measurable.

The German engaging event was the last of the AlpSib engaging events, which gave the participants the first insight into the social impact investments topic and prepared them for further project activities.