As a pilot region within CESBA Alps, the Leiblachtal municipalities have set a focus on energy. Among all sectors, mobility engenders the highest energy consumption: 40 percent of CO2 emissions come from the mobility sector – and mobility is the only sector with an increasing energy consumption.

Therefore, the Leiblachtal pilot region and the CESBA Alps partner Regional Development Vorarlberg have invited representatives from municipalities and experts such as a representative from the Austrian Environment Ministry (which is an observer), energy-efficiency-agents and the CEO of the local transport association to the event „Mobilität im Leiblachtal – Energie und Raumentwicklung neu denken“ (Mobility in the Leiblachtal – New approaches for energy and spatial development). Approximately 30 persons, among which some representatives from the neighbouring German municipalities, participated in the event which took place on 15 September 2017 in Eichenberg.

Together, they worked out a pool of possible measures for a future-oriented mobility in a world-café like moderated setting. The Moderator, Dr DI Bertram Schedler, has been involved in some earlier projects dealing with these subjects, therefore he managed to narrow down the main topics and major potentials of the region in one workshop day. The measures will now be followed up by the CESBA local committee.

The event has been documented on the CESBA wiki (English, more comprehensive German page).