The main focus of the event was two round tables: 

I4.0 Innovation Ecosystem Forum Europe", Roundtable

Roundtable will offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the Industry 4.0, Factories of Future and Smart factories experiences in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Slovenia. Together with experts from Spain, Croatia and Poland discussion will focus on most challenging topics industry faces as they implement advanced technologies and digitize business processes in order to implement I4.0.

"Industry 4.0 by SME: Dynamic, pragmatic and operational",  Workshop/Session

Major topics expected to be addressed – but not limited (best practices, case studies of I4.0 implementation):

  • Process optimization; Cost reduction; Efficient planning;
  • Predictive maintenance; Customer insights and engagement;
  • Product customization and customer personalization;
  • From product to service; Total product life cycle management;
  • Energy and resource management;
  • Supply chain optimization and warehousing;
  • Data analytics for better decisions; Going on-line and mobile with offering and services;