On 22 November 2017, the three Alpine Space projects having produced the best project video were awarded in Munich, Germany in the framework of the EUSALP Forum. 

The competition, which ran from the month of October 2017, was open to the 33 ongoing Alpine Space projects and aimed at selecting the three project videos which best highlighted the project aims and results and were the most creative. The three winning projects were awarded at the Alpine Space programme stand in the framework of the EUSALP forum. The awards were delivered by: 

  • Dr Brigitta Pallauf, President of the Regional Parliament of Salzburg, Austria, and 

  • Raffaele Cattaneo, President of the Regional Council of Lombardy and rapporteur on macro-regional strategies in the Committee of the Regions, Italy.

The winning projects are: 

1. In priority 2: Low-Carbon Alpine Space: GRETA

This project looks for solutions for renewable energy in the Alpine Space. This project looks at a still very little explored renewable energy source: the geothermal energy. 12 partners from six different countries are joining forces to give power to this new opportunity. 

On the pictureChristine Haas, Technische Universität München, Lead partner of the GRETA project

2. In priority 3: Liveable Alpine Space: AlpFoodWay

This project touches us all in our daily lives and our Alpine identity as it deals with one of the most shared Alpine passion: food! Fostering the preservation and valorisation of Alpine Space cultural food heritage combine with the adoption of innovative marketing and governance tools, it goes beyond products to include productive landscapes and traditional knowledge, consumption customs and rituals, and the transmission of ancient wisdom. 

On the pictureCassiano Luminati, Director of Polo Poschiavo, Lead partner of the AlpFoodWay project


3. In priority 4: Well-Governed Alpine Space: GaYA

The last winner of the competition is a project which addresses our future: the youth. They held a workshop in the EUSALP forum as well and gave impressive input at the opening plenary. Eight partners are working hard together to involve the youth in decision making and governance with activities like this workshop, and give recommendations to Alpine policy-makers on how to involve the young people. They just launched a video competition for the youth !

On the pictureClaire Simon, Alpine Town of the Year association, Michaela Hogenboom, CIPRA International, and Guido Plassmann, director of Alparc, project partners of the AlpFoodWay project