December 14th, a new meeting of the CESBA Local Committee for Veneto Region was held in Venice, Palazzo Grandi Stazioni. Main goal of the meeting was to present to CLC members the results of the analysis on policy context conducted so far by SM.SR, aimed at ensuring coherence between the sustainability indicators to be selected within the project and the reference strategies and operative tools applied in Veneto Region. In parallel, a critical analysis of relevance and measurability of CESBA-KPI was conducted and the concrete experience of Padua Province in monitoring the Territorial Plans (PTCP) was presented.

Activities of Veneto working group are going on, CLCs in 2018 will focus on the improvement of the indicator weighting system, on the evaluation of the tool test on the pilot area, on the possible revision of the monitoring system and on the implementation of a sustainable tool management system over time.  Planned dates for CLC meetings in 2018 are: 06.03 - 17.04 - 12.06.