At their first meeting, which took place in January, members of the platform on the follow up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the EU agreed to work on a joint contribution to the European Commission's Reflection Paper "Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030", which was announced in the European Commission's 2018 Work Programme and will be adopted later this year at the latest, the Commission announced.

Platform members also identified several priorities to be discussed in the future, including how to incorporate the sustainable development goals into the multiannual financial framework, how to generate both inclusive and sustainable growth, and how to monitor and report on progress.

The members stressed that the platform should assist the Commission in delivering the sustainable development goals in the European interest.

The platform combines many representatives from academia, non-governmental organisations, businesses, civil society, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the European Committee of the Regions which will support and advise the Commission in delivering the UN’s sustainable development goals at EU level.


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