AlpFoodway encompasses ten pilot actions, through which partners will test new ways of networking, innovative training formats, community events and online and offline.

In Pfaffenwinkel case AlpFoodway project partner Munich University of Applied Sciences cooperates with the local Tourism Association and with the regional management department of the administrative district Weilheim-Schongau to raise awareness in communities and tourists about the food heritage of the region and to create a network of producers and stakeholders able to promote it effectively, increasing the visibility snf availability of related products and activities.

Pfaffenwinkel is a pre-Alpine region in Upper Bavaria between the rivers Lech and Loisach. It is famous for its cultural landscape between the Bavarian lakes and mountains, with a great number of monasteries and churches, among which the Pilgrimage Church of Wies is a UNESCO world heritage site.

First, MUAS researchers have identified traditional small-scale food producers in the region with the help of the Pfaffenwinkel Slow Food Convivium and other regional food initiatives. Now, they are carrying out a survey to collect information about the offered products and activities (quantities, seasonality advertising and sale channels) and to assess if these stakeholders are interested in becoming part of a regional heritage food network. The survey will be completed by May 25th and the results will be presented and discussed in an expert workshop to determine the next steps in the pilot case.

This pilot case activities have strong synergies with the identification and inventorying of food heritage in Bavaria. Two of the involved experts, Mrs Doll and Mrs. Schlögel, owners of the local businesses “Naturküche Wieshof” and “Die Hauswirtschafterei”, have also been interviewed as testimonials to help identify the values underlying Alpine food heritage in work package 1. AlpFoodway partners took a chance to visit the region and get the feel of its food culture at the last partner meeting in Bernried in April 2018.