A MultipurposE and Tran sectorial HYdrogen Support for decarbonized alpine Territories
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In view of the current energy crisis, it is now more important than ever to strengthen the development of renewable energies in the Alps. Hydrogen has many advantages to become a key player in the energy transition: easily produced with renewable electricity, it can be used for many purposes, such as mobility, industry or exploitation in tourist areas. AMETHyST aims to support the deployment of local Alpine green hydrogen ecosystems to pave the way for a post-carbon lifestyle in the Alps. The project partners will reinforce the role of public authorities by increasing their capacity, designing support services to roll out green hydrogen solutions and including green hydrogen in local and regional energy strategies and plans.


  • 2021 – 2027
  • Carbon neutral and resource sensitive Alpine region
  • SO 2.1 - Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • AG9 Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 1.948.840 EUR
  • 1.349.280 EUR


Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • France
  • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
  • Villeurbanne
Cluster Technologies New Energies Renewable Energies Rhône-Alpes
  • France
  • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
  • Grenoble
Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  • Italy
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento (ITH2)
  • Trento
Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Italy
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento (ITH2)
  • Trento
Energy Agency South Tyrol - CasaClima
  • Italy
  • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen (ITH1)
  • Bolzano
Energy Management Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Italy
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia (ITH4)
  • Germona del Friuli
Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje
  • Slovenia
  • Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
  • Maribor
Standortagentur Tirol GmbH
  • Austria
  • Tirol (AT33)
  • Innsbruck
Civic Foundation Energiewende Oberland
  • Germany
  • Oberbayern (DE21)
  • Penzberg
BlueArk Entremont
  • Switzerland
  • Région lémanique (CH01)
  • Le Chable
  • 45.77335734.8868454
  • 45.20484815.703823663257899
  • 46.06266214999999411.124068870427994
  • 46.072192311.1212361
  • 46.478475311.3323298
  • 46.272130913.1300926
  • 46.559939215.6373107
  • 47.267921511.4009453
  • 47.758166111.3806009
  • 46.08014627.2125027


  • Financial evaluation toolkit for Alpine green H2 ecosystems

    Development of a toolbox to assess the financial planning of green H2 projects in Alpine territories: a techno-financial model, declined for all the tested end-uses such as transport of persons, snow groomers, production, storage. With the input of site-specific data, the financial sustainability of the projects and the avoided emissions will be easily assessed. Embedded in WP1 platform, guidelines will be actively distributed among municipalities/associations for further use and distribution

  • Policy guidelines to implement local Alpine green hydrogen ecosystems

    Set of policy guidelines, targeted at regional and local authorities and decision makers, aimed at facilitating the inclusion of green hydrogen solutions in energy planning and foster the emergence of local Alpine green H2 ecosystems. The guidelines are disseminated broadly and shared with the local and regional public authorities during the Final Conference (A 3.4)

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07 - 09 Mar 2023
AMETHyST - Kick-Off Meeting
AURA-EE is happy to host you in Moûtiers in March 2023 for AMETHYST's kick-off meeting.
AMETHyST Kick off_March 2023
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