In the Grillhof Conference Centre near Innsbruck Links4Soils project partners, observers and stakeholders discussed contents and the framework of the Alpine Soil Partnership.

The Alpine Soil Partnership meeting startet with the opening speech of Mr Kuenz, deputy of the Regional Government of Tyrol. He framed nicely the challenges of governing soil and of cooperating in the Alpine area. The importance and approaches were then presented by Links4Soils project partners, showing also first results.

Afterwards the participants shared their ideas and exchanged in group discussions, in the so called “Soil café”. Organised like a world café the discussions focused on the following topics:

  1. Collect ideas of how the Soil Conservation Protocol of the Alpine Convention can be further implemented
  2. What tasks and activities can the Alpine Soil Partnership fulfil?
  3. How do we organise ourselves in this partnership in the Alpine Space?
  4. How can we communicate more effectively on soils and raise awareness?

The next day was dedicated to the local soil identification and analysis (“Bodenansprache”) just outside of the Conference Centre.

  • In which climate, geological and relief conditions is the soil embedded? How is this shown in the soil profile?
  • How was and is the land used?
  • What kind of data basis existed/exists for this area?
  • What would be a sustainable management recommendation?

The Alpine Soil Partnership meeting was linked to the project steering group meeting of Links4Soils to embed the results of the discussions in our project work!