Design Thinking Lab is the DesAlps virtual community for Design Thinking experts, innovators, designers, acting as a Design Think hub for professionals and companies, where members can learn about cutting-edge methodologies, share experience and interests on different topics, discuss about case studies, find partnership to launch new projects. The focus on individuals is not the only one that the community peruses, anyway. Design Thinking Lab will serve as an inspiring tool to gather the attention of local SMEs, by creating awareness about a place where resources and experts on Design Thinking can be found, and where they can self-assess their level of maturity on their innovation process stage. A selection of success cases about innovation processes carried out in SMEs thanks to Design Thinking will show once more that this methodology does not fit just to big companies, yet it can be easily applied also to smaller companies, the kind of firms that forms the great majority Alpine Space economic framework.

Design Thinking Lab will be able to gathering in just one place the most interesting features of many other existent platforms:

  • Source of information, articles, training materials on Design Thinking;
  • Self-assessment tool for companies, to evaluate their maturity for innovation processes;
  • Success cases and lessons learnt on SMEs innovation processes done through Design Thinking;
  • Case studies on many different sectors;
  • Map of Design Thinking experts and competence centers;
  • Section for accessing open calls, perform networking activities, start co-creation projects;
  • Calendar of events, community meetings, training opportunities.

Not forgetting the importance of human connection on our business relationships (how might we?), Design Thinking Lab is just the online version of the local, physical Design Thinking Labs hosted in DesAlps partners’ offices, who are the core of DesAlps project activities. A reach offer of events, workshops and training opportunities will be presented on a regular basis a local and transnational level, giving all community members, and many other people and companies, the chance to experiment on the field the efficacy of this methodology.

The DT Lab will be soon open to the public.