What is Europe and what do I get out of it? How does Europe affect Sigmaringen in concrete terms? These and many other questions could be answered on Friday, 17.05.2019 at the InnoCamp Sigmaringen. Together with the association "Bürger Europas e.V." the city of Sigmaringen invited about 50 pupils to the event "Europe in my city".

An example was given of where Europe can be experienced in Sigmaringen. The project manager of the EU project AlpBioEco, Gloria Kraus, provided information on cross-border cooperation in the Alpine region to research sustainable and innovative business models. Mona Kramer informed about her activities as climate protection manager of the city of Sigmaringen and the European Energy Award. Anja Heinz highlighted the role of international relations and partner cities for cohesion and cooperation in Europe. Heinrich Güntner from the LEADER Action Group spoke about numerous projects that could be implemented thanks to the funding. He also presented the RegioApp, which can be used to find regional products and sales outlets in the surrounding area. During a guided tour through the InnoCamp, Regina Moser, administrative assistant to the head of ITZ, explained to the young people what possibilities there are and how conversion at the barracks is supported by Europe. Afterwards, the pupils had the opportunity to discuss with Andrea Bogner-Unden, member of the state parliament, and to ask her questions, which was also used actively. 

The event was made possible in cooperation with InnoCamp, AlpBioEco, the LEADER action group Oberschwaben and the association Bürger Europas e.V.

Source: https://www.sigmaringen.de/de/Buerger-Rathaus/Aktuelles-Stadtinfo/Aktuelles/Sigmaringen-aktuell/Europa-in-meiner-Stadt_191413.html (04.06.2019)