SCALE(up)ALPS project has been intended as a pilot programm where the  “Start-up –to-Scale up growth” model has been applied to policy study, definition, piloting and implementation. Out of the program some main results were achieved, providing strong grounds to the whole action and giving recommendation fur further business growth policy development, within the Alpine Space

3 Main Objectives led to 3 Main results


DESIGN&VALIDATE Scale up Community action

Understand and navigate Alpine Scale up Ecosystem , create connections and act in synergy: Alpine Scale Up network & on line Platform were launched

Alpine Scale(up) Network




At the core of this objective  is the alpine start-up acceleration, via community building & boosting, policy framework designing was defined

Policy Model on local & alpine ecosystem acceleration


LAUNCH&GROWTH- Scale up  Growth &  recognition

An enhanced exercise of support schemes piloting analysis and measurement of success cases was conducted, involving both SMEs and Policy actors

Scale(up)Business Support Schemes


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