As part of Work Package T2, AlpBioEco developed eco-innovative business models which were then pilot tested and validated in Work Package T3. To do so, AlpBioEco launched until now more than ten focus group workshops on business models such as apple flour, baby pacifier, disposable tableware, digital platform, plant-based pesticides, walnut spreads, walnut flips and the revegetation service with alpine hay seeds. More than a dozen business visits were also carried out.

Boosting the local circular economy and creating business opportunities

Fruitful exchanges with different stakeholders in the workshops as well as with the companies visited by our project partners brought out common ideas: the wish to develop and market regional and sustainable products to foster regional consumption. Collaboration with AlpBioEco provides companies with business and networking opportunities. The very concept of the AlpBioEco project encourages the people working on the business models to commit themselves to a circular economy in general as well as to commit to it to some extent within their own company.

The example of apple flour, a resourceful product!

Many exciting business models have been selected by our project. One of them centers around the product apple flour. It was developed in two different ways: business opportunities were found in the cosmetics sector but also in the pastry sector. Our Italian project partners Envipark and ITKAM, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, organised several focus workshops in February and May, followed by business visits conducted by Envipark. Both powder and paste from apple flour are promising for the development of organic cosmetic products (see in the pictures below, the image apple paste and cosmetic packaging). Apple flour is also a particularly interesting product to develop new recipes especially for the gluten-free market (see in the photos below, the different trials of Confiserie Luciano, a specialized grocery store in Barge, Italy).

We will discuss our results in July

The next meeting of all AlpBioEco project partners was planned to take place in Linz, Austria  beginning of July with the support of Business Upper Austria, the location agency of the Upper Austrian government and one of the Austrian AlpBioEco partners. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus situation has forced a completely different organisation: AlpBioEco's project partners will meet and work exclusively online on 8 and 9 July (more information on the event). They will exchange on the progress of the Work Package T3 and on the planning of the next and last Work Package of the project T4, that is centered on the preparation of policy guidelines based on information and learnings from previous Work Packages. They will also discuss the transfer plan from the validation of business models in Work Package T3 to the Work Package T4, which aims at facilitating the transfer of AlpBioEco's results to other regions, countries or projects. 

For more information on Work Package T3, see (English) Work Package T3: Concept Validation

For more information on Work Package T4, see (English) Work Package T4: Policy transfer preparations