On the 4th of March 2021, the French ATLAS partner Sites & Cités remarquables de France organised a training course for artisans.

The complete recording of the webinar (in French) is now available on YouTube.

The online workshop focused on the energetic renovation of old and historic buildings and was divided in four parts, each held by a different expert as speaker:

1.    Introduction to the peculiarities of old buildings – by Jacky Cruchon, consultant on the topics of urban planning and heritage, expert with Remarcable Sites & Cities of France
2.    Use of organic source materials for the restoration of old buildings – by Laure Trannoy, project manager for “Organic and geo-sourced construction sectors” at the French Ministry of Ecological Transition
3.    The problem of humidity in the restoration of the building – by Rémy Cognet, project manager at ASDER (Savoy Association for the Development of Renewable Energies)
4.    Tools and financing for the responsible restoration of the old building – by Elsa Descombes and Hans Cazaux, project managers at CAPEB