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Goal toward business support organisations

To structure and professionalize the supporting Points and their mutual ecosystems with standardized and synergic services focused on transnational cooperation, so that they can help mature companies in their business model's shift. The final outcome will be a BE-READI Points Toolkit, an integrated supporting system for companies and BSOs of the Alpine Space.

One of the main goals of the project is to set up and professionalise a so-called network of supporting BE-READI Points, that is, business support organizations whose range of services has been improved and adapted to the actual needs of mature SMEs and local digital and innovation actors in the Alpine Space.

To reach this ambitious objective, partners will:

  • develop an innovative service model and an appropriate BE-READI Points Starter Kit;
  • create a bridge with service providers, research and technology centres, export managers and financial actors that can be involved as specialists to support companies in extending their value chain at transnational level;
  • upgrade the skills of BSO's personnel and valorise the competences and the different business foci of the BE-READI ALPS partners for the companies' benefit;
  • monitor and assess the BE-READI ALPS model to transfer and upscale the outcomes in the whole Alpine Space.