Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living


The CARE4TECH partnership is developing a transnational dynamic digital based Knowledge and Cooperation Atlas in the field of Smart Living technologies which harmonizes and connects Alpine Space available knoweldge about tech leaders, solutions, innovation and business development approaches. This will be achieved through:

1. CARE4TECH Knowledge Mapping and Classification Methodology on Smart Living excellences - coordinated by CUAS

2. CARE4TECH Visual matrix on Smart Living Excellence - coordinated by EVOLARIS

3. CARE4TECH Visual Matrix on Smart Living Excellence  -  coordinated by PLASTIPOLIS

4. CARE4TECH Leading Alliances on Smart Living Checklist -  coordinated by  HKE

5. CARE4TECH Landscape of potential Leading Alliances on Smart Living - coordianted by AFIL

6. CARE4TECH Learning Hub - coordinated by multiple partners

7. Alpine Space Knowledge Atlas - coordinated by multiple partners

8. CARE4TECH Impace Controlling system - coordinated by microTEC Sudwest e.V.

9. CARE4TECH Knowledge Atlas Monitoring & Impact Assesment Report -  coordinated by multiple partners.



... to follow soon!