Green infrastructure for better living

Policy recommendations for regional and local level

As a result of our activities general and specific policy recommendations have been drafted to support further implementation of pilot aims. These recommendations are suggestions for every partner to develop further.

Specific recommendations are targeted to the specific partner according to its pilot(s) and governance aim(s). Those suggestions are more targeted and can involve specific political or administrative bodies or focus on specific governance processes.

General recommendations have been developed and discussed by the working group and all project partners. They are focussed on a strategic governance level and aim to align policies and tools between the partners´network regarding green infrastructure implementation and landscape policies.

Policy recommendations for European strategies

LOS_DAMA! closely cooperates with the European Strategy for Alpine Regions (EUSALP), especially the Action Group 7. Additionally, we were engagend in multilevel governance and provide recommendations regarding Green Infrastructure in metropolitan regions.

Based on our experiences we summarized our expertise regarding:

  • implementation of European Union and Council of Europe strategies and policies at the local, regional and metropolitan level
  • conclusions on the needs of users of LOS_DAMA! policy recommendations
  • Policy recommendations for EUSALP and European strategies
Policy recommendations and workshops