Mon 28 May 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Extra Steering Committee & Advisory Board

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Dimičeva ulica 13, 1504 Ljubljana

Monday, May 28TH
Scheduled from 4.00 to 6.00 pm - Hall E
Partners and Observers attending at the same time.


15.45: Registration and Welcome by PP9_CCIS & LP_t2i. Last updates about DTD

16:00: PP4_BizUp: Overview of PPs pilot plans (WP3).

16.30: PP6_BwCon: Final version of the Lessons Learnt Brochure (WP2).

16.45: PP2_CCPD & LP_t2i: KPI, DT paths & self-assessment questionnaire (WP2).

17:15: LP_t2i: Financial issues and DT community overview.

17.30: Observers’ comments and suggestions on ongoing & upcoming DesAlps activities.

18.00: End of the SC and AB.